Lyrics for "Filled with Joy"
(Psalm 126)


Verse 1: Refrain after each verse:

When the Lord brought us back,
The captives to
Zion ,
We were like people
Who lived a fresh new dream.
“God has redeemed them,”
Said every nation,
“Filled them with singing
By the healing stream.”

The Lord has done great things for us and filled our hearts with joy,
Filled our hearts with joy,
Filled our hearts with joy.
Restore your people, Lord,
With new streams of living water,
and we will reap with songs of hope and joy.
Verse 2:  
Those who sow with their tears
Will reap joy and laughter;
Those who go weeping
Find pardon and release.
God gives reward
Both now and hereafter.
God gives the harvest;
Souls in Christ find peace.

Verse 3:  
Now with God we go out
To reap the full harvest,
Proclaiming grace,
That in Christ we are set free.
Feeding the hungry,
Lifting the downcast,
We love and live
So Christ their hope will be.



Words and music © 1992 Whitney V. Myers, email:
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