Lyrics for "Gladness and Joy"


Verse 1: Refrain after each verse:
The desert will be glad,
Flowers will burst in bloom;
Parched land will shout and sing,
“Gladness and joy!”
The mountains of
Meadows of Sharon,
Will see the glorious
Splendor of God.

Strengthen the feeble hands,
Steady the weakened knees,
Say to the fearful hearts,
“Your God will come!”
Open the blind eyes,
Unstop the deafened ears.
Leap, lame, like a deer --
Gladness and joy!
Verse 2:  
The water will be clear,
Streams will fill far and near;
Sparkling pools will appear,
Bubbling in springs.
In haunts where the jackals lay,
Lush reeds will grow that day;
Marsh land and lakes will say,
“Gladness and joy!”
Verse 3:  
A highway will be there,
God’s holy way to share,
For those who walk that way,
Gladness and joy!
All sorrow and sighing
Will there flee far away.
“Praise God!,” the ransomed say,
“Gladness and joy!”


Words and music © 1990 Whitney V. Myers, email:
Permission is granted to duplicate these lyrics for free distribution for use in worship, but not for resale. Please include this copyright and permission notice. 9Nov2016