Lyrics for "Good News of the Kingdom"


Verse 1: Verse 4:
Good news of the kingdom –
Jesus Christ is near,
Healing hearts with kindness,
Teaching minds to hear.
Souls saved from destruction
By God’s grace receive
Life eternal, healing;
In Christ we believe.
Walk with us, dear Jesus,
Precious Savior, friend.
Fill us with your Spirit,
Full and fresh within.
‘Till we meet you, Jesus,
Help us always be
Your devoted servants,
Helping others see.
Verse 2:  
Cleanse us with compassion,
Savior from above.
Touch us gently, Jesus,
With your arms of love.
Heal our painful mem’ries;
Heal our hurts within.
Cleanse us gently, Jesus,
From our guilt and sin.
Verse 3:  
Fix our minds on you, Lord,
Purity divine.
Change our ways of thinking
To conform to thine.
Make our minds anew, Lord;
Fill them with your grace.
Shine your light, Lord Jesus,
‘Till we see your face.


Words and music © 1991 Whitney V. Myers, email:
Permission is granted to duplicate these lyrics for free distribution for use in worship,
but not for resale. Please include this copyright and permission notice. 1Aug2016